Naan. Is there seriously anything else left to say?

It’s so ridiculously good — exceptionally chewy and soft. It’s made “Roghni style” which just means it’s more moist and chewy than your classic naan. In others words, it’s impossible to be dry — even as leftovers. It tastes just like the tandoori style naan you would get at restaurants. If you’ve never had homemade naan, it’s a life changing experience. It’s taste and texture are entirely different than packaged store-bought naan.

The annoying part is making it. I can’t sugar coat this one. While it’s not hard to make, it’s challenging to work with the dough. Due to the moisture content, it creates a very sticky dough (which we want). But the sticky dough gets on your rolling pin, on your fingers, on your pan, on your counter, etc. So just wear an apron and embrace the stick…and generously flour everything.

This is one of those recipes that I was grumbling about while making, secretly hoping it wouldn’t taste great so I wouldn’t have to go through the process of making it again for the sake of this blog. But of course, it was so worth all the fuss that I knew it’d just be a matter of days before I made more.

It goes with everything! I had planned to make it for a fancy grilled cheese (using it as bread for the grilled cheese) but I couldn’t fathom “ruining it” like that. It’s so good in it’s pure form that I had to eat it plain with a drizzle of melted butter. Fabien ate it with hummus. It was gone before any grilled cheeses could even be considered. Next time I make it, I’ll definitely make some sauce-y dish, maybe Indian curry or butter chicken. YUM.

Naan snippet


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