Iced Pistachio Cookies

Where do I even begin with describing these buttery, nutty, melt in your mouth cookie drops?

They are relatives of snowball cookies/Mexican wedding cookies/Russian tea cookies because of:

  • their shape
  • the fact that they have no egg
  • and that the primary sugar is neither brown nor granulated, but powdered sugar

Because of all this, the cookie literally melts on your tongue when you eat it. Unlike brown or granulated sugar, the powdered sugar inhibits the spreading of the cookies while baking, so you’re left with little round drops. The classic ground almond mixture is instead swapped with pistachio for a fresh and subtle nutty alternative.

The whole cookie then gets topped with an optional (never optional, come on) brown butter frosting — because why not add one more element of nutty in there? It’s absolutely delicious. And sweetens up the cookie which is naturally less sweet because of all the nut content. It also plays really well on the saltiness of the pistachio (you can of course use unsalted pistachio too but i prefer the salted).

They’re bite-sized which is good and bad.

Good: you can eat more of them.

Bad: you can eat more of them.


Iced Pistachio Cookies snippet

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