Chocolate Chip Waffles


Whether you’re a classic Waffles fan or you prefer your waffles enrobed with chocolate chips, I’ve got you covered.

While I consider Americans to be great breakfast and brunch-er’s, I’m a touch jealous of the Europeans who stroll the streets, year-round with fresh pressed waffles dripping with Nutella and caramel at any time of day. When I lived in France, I was quick to learn that most people knew American’s as always having a coffee in hand on the street (most likely Starbucks) and a soda in their cars. I told them that while this was true, I still prefer their method of walking outside with drippy gelato, folded crepes, or sugared waffles in hand.

While I’m not proposing you walk around with these chocolate chip waffles wrapped in a napkin, it can be done. This is a great waffle base recipe. You can swap chocolate chips for fresh berries or consider adding a bit of fresh citrus zest. This recipe is fool-proof. But mostly, you should probably just do as I do and keep it chocolate chip. 🙂

Chocolate Chip Waffles snippet

Photos: The picture on the left is with my best friend in France, Lorie. We are at a chocolate salon in Cannes. We ordered fresh waffles that had stick shaped pieces of chocolate injected into them. AMAZING. My sweater says, “Pardon My French” as this was when I was still learning the language. The picture on the right is in Paris. It’s a street crepe filled with Nutella. For my crepe recipe: Crêpes.


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