Rice Krispie Treats


No matter how old a person is, and no matter how sophisticated their palate may be, there is always room for a rice krispie treat — whether you admit it or not. This American dessert is a classic for a reason. They’re delicious. They also do not require baking and they please both kids and adults.

When I whipped these up for the blog, I offered them to my Mom to bring to a little get-together she was attending. She scoffed. Later when she tried one, she immediately regretted her decision to not bring them to share. They’re just so good, if you give them the chance!

However, there are times when rice krispie treats are not all they’re cracked up to be: the times when they are hard. When this is the case, it means the measurements of ingredients were off. Too much cereal. Not enough butter. The below recipe ensures that these will remain soft and gooey, while still holding its form, as a rice krispie treat should be.

The best part about this recipe is the the little piece of marshmallow that get stirred in at the end. (Take a look at the picture at the bottom). It’s like discovering a chocolate chip in your chocolate chip cookie. Essential!

Note: This recipe uses large marshmallows but you can substitute them for mini marshmallows (use 10 cups of the minis, and stir in 2 cups at the end). If you want to make a chocolate version, buy chocolate rice krispie cereal instead. And for a rainbow version: Rainbow Rice Krispie Treats Yum!

Rice Krispie Treats snippet


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