Cinnamon Muffins


If you’ve been following ABeeBakes for a while now, you may have noticed a consistent output of recipes involving cinnamon, as I have here again today. I also have an innumerable amount of cream cheese recipes, mostly in the form of cream cheese frosted desserts. If you too have a love for either of these ingredients, try searching (below) or in the search engine on the ABeeBakes homepage for other options.

I discovered this recipe a few years ago when I wanted to use up the rest of the buttermilk I had in the fridge. Any baked good that calls for buttermilk tends to me a good idea. Buttermilk creates a super soft crumb and a moisture that’s incomparable to recipes that call for only butter or only oil. As soon as I noticed the incorporation of cinnamon streusel, I was committed to baking them. That was the beginning of my excitement–it was heightened when I began gathering the ingredients and realized, there is not creaming of the sugars and butter–aka no need for an electric mixer.

Please give a warm, cinnamon-y, welcome to these incredibly easy, moist, a cinnamon packed muffins.  I like to eat them straight from the oven with a pat of butter. Fabien prefers them cold, one day after (the flavors marry nicely) with a smear of Nutella.

Cinnamon Muffins snippet

A note: Don’t be alarmed with the high oven temperature. You bake these muffins for 5 minutes at 425F degrees. This gives them a burst of heat that reacts with the baking powder to make a beautiful muffin top. Just don’t forget to turn the oven heat down as the recipe explains. 🙂

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