Cookie Butter Cookies


When I moved back from France, I came back with a very important discovery: cookie butter. It’s begun to kick off with popularity here in the states too. Are you familiar with it? Biscoff is the brand that popularized it and now stores like Trader Joe’s are creating their adaptations. Any cookie butter will work for this recipe.

It’s sold in the same jar style as any nut butter or Nutella and it’s the exact same consistency. It’s ground up spice cookies instead of ground up nuts. If you like speculoos cookies, you’ll love this product because it’s that flavor but transformed into a spread. If you have the actual cookies around, try making this: Speculoos & Raspberry Tiramisu.

Cookie butter is as indulgent as Nutella and in my mind, even more perfect for cold weather days because of it’s biscuit cookie flavors–primarily cinnamon. My favorite way to eat it is spread on a warm crepe. It’s SO good. It can also be enjoying on toast, as a dip for fresh fruit, or any other way you could envision eating peanut butter for example. It’s just less salty and more sweet.

An excuse to put this spread on something (even if just a spoon) is a good one. So why not incorporate it into cookie dough and bake them into cookies? Cookie butter cookies, funny huh? While in all honestly, I still prefer the actual speculoos and biscoff cookies since they’re the originals, I really love this take on them. They have a much softer texture and flavor profile than the original crunchy cookies, so they’re perfect to accompany with hot coffee or to use as cookies in an ice cream sandwich. They’re not too sweet and are not at all overpowering so I think you could even get away with eating them as a breakfast cookie. Enjoy!

Cookie Butter Cookies snippet

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