Orange Brioche


Every year for as long as I can remember, my Dad and then later my Mom, would be kneading this orange brioche dough around the Holidays. Some years we had a Saint Nicholas face, like the above picture, other years a reindeer, and for Easter we’d have a dove. The dough can be formed into your desired shape for any occasion. It’s really an all-purpose holiday treat.

And most importantly, it’s so incredibly good. It is a soft white brioche dough, with a hint of orange. It’s not overpowering, as it’s just a bit of fresh orange zest, but it’s just the right amount to take the brioche from really good to really great. Warm from the oven, golden from the egg wash, and soft to pull apart, it truly is the best thing to bake during the holidays. Enjoy!

Orange Brioche snippet


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