Apple Almond Crisp


This is no ordinary apple crisp. And before I go on, there is nothing wrong with an ordinary apple crisp, I absolutely love them. I’ll post my classic one on here soon. 😉

However, this apple crisp is anything but ordinary, because of the almond. You may be thinking, wow, a humble nut, big deal. In this, it is a big deal. The almond gets toasted atop the cinnamon sprinkled apples and turns this apple crisp into something else entirely. It’s loaded with apples, 7-8 all heaped into a pan and then sprinkled with the nut and oat topping. The apple to topping ratio is perfect, aka generous in both. 🙂

I’m making my way through the last of the apples from our tree. This year they were less sweet (but also less starchy) than other years, but when baked with the crisp topping, the sweet finally revealed itself. “The apple variety of that tree is Newtown Pippin.  The Newtown Pippin, also known as Albemarle Pippin, is an American apple that originated in the late 17th or early 18th century.” <—- A recent message from my Dad, the history buff. Typically the tree produces green apples, vary from small to enormous. Mostly they’re sweet, much sweeter than a granny smith and perfectly crunchy. Any apple will do in this crisp, the more varied, the more fun! Enjoy.

Apple Almond Crisp snippet

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