Apple Crisp

I better post this quick before apple season really is over. Although, in California, is it really ever over?

I made this years and years ago to bring to a backyard BBQ potluck with friends. Everyone could not leave this crisp alone and announced it to be the best apple crisp ever. And honestly, it is. Especially given the chance to be eaten warm with vanilla ice cream.

I think the key here is the brown butter which gives off a nutty, caramel flavor (obviously perfect with apples) and the bourbon. OR maybe it’s neither of those things but simply delicious thanks to the butter. Regardless, this apple crisp is something special. I think once shared, it’s guaranteed that someone (really, everyone) will follow up with questions about obtaining the recipe. If you love apple crisp as much as I do, check out these other similar recipes: Apple Almond Crisp and Apple Ginger Crumble.

P.s. I only had two apples the other day when I remade this recipe so the picture may look a bit small. It’s normally made with 6 apples and baked in an 8×8-inch pan, as the recipe below indicates.

Apple Crisp snippet


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