Pumpkin Cookies


These are SO good. They look pretty unassuming but the minute you taste them, you realize what an amazing harmony the ingredients have created together.

They’re super soft, the pumpkin flavor emphasized with the addition of pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon. And the white chocolate chips add both texture and pops of sweet. White chocolate always works really well with any Fall spice. For example, Pumpkin Assorted Chocolate Chip Cookies, which are delicious and much more cake-y than these (without the addition of butter) and Spicy Ginger Molasses Bars, which are so spicy that the bits of white chocolate are soothing to the palate.

Originally, I made these as snickerdoodles. I would reserve a bit of the granulated sugar and cinnamon to roll the cookie dough through before baking. With a lot of trial and error, I’ve discovered I prefer them like the recipe below. Same flavor, but a lot quicker to make, and less grainy without the classic snickerdoodle cinnamon-sugar coating. Both of course are delicious though. You can even try making these vegan, substituting the butter with coconut oil, and using vegan chocolate chips or omitting the chips altogether.

If you’d like a demonstration of how to make these, I have a story on Instagram Highlights that walks you through the process. I know I’m loose with the word “favorite” but these really are my favorite pumpkin cookies. Enjoy!

Pumpkin Cookies snippet


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