Maple Butter Cake


Maple often gets overlooked when pumpkin and cinnamon enter the scene during the cooler-weather seasons. And that is a shame because it’s so delicious to bake with. It adds a unique sweetness that livens up any dessert. While it’s delicious over Waffles and especially with these Pumpkin Pancakes, it’s absolutely phenomenal in this butter cake. If you love maple try these recipes as well: Maple ChômeurMaple Nutmeg TartMaple Brown Sugar Cookies and Maple Pecan Acorn Squash.

Gooey butter cake sweetened with maple syrup is a total game-changer. When I first bit into this I could have wept. It’s rich, sweet, and decadent, satisfying any Autumn sweet tooth. It’s also really easy to throw together and bakes pretty quickly. It’ll likely be a pleasant change to the more common pumpkin and apple desserts served this season.

Maple Butter Cake snippet


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