3 Ingredient Orange Gummies (Paleo)


Healthy. Full of natural vitamin C. No artificial dyes, sweeteners, or flavors. Paleo. 3 ingredients. Naturally fat-free.

And most importantly, delicious.

If I’d known making gummy bears would have been this easy, I’d have been making them for years. They’re a simple combination of fresh orange juice (or other fresh fruit juice), gelatin, and a little bit of honey. And that’s it.

Even better than that, they take 10 minutes to form into gummies (after you’ve mixed the three ingredients together).

Notes on the recipe:

  • Either powdered gelatin or sheets of gelatin can be used. Both great. You can even buy grass-fed gelatin. I personally use 5 sheets of gelatin, squeezed of excess liquid. It just seems like this method has 0% chance of leaving a grainy texture.
  • If using 3 tbsp. powdered gelatin, 8 oz. of water is needed to bloom (use less water if using less gelatin. Follow directions on gelatin packet for blooming).
  • You are also free to play around with the quantity of honey based on your tastes. Or use maple syrup. Or perhaps you want to use a different fruit juice all together. Up to you! I use 1 tbsp. of honey but you can increase that based on how sweet/tart your juice is.
  • I found my gummy molds at IKEA for less than a dollar, years ago. If you don’t have a specified gummy mold, you can absolutely use an ice tray or any other freezable container.

3 Ingredient Orange Gummies (Paleo) snippet



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