Bread Pudding Loaf with Crème Anglaise

I will never tire of bread pudding. There are endless variations and at the end of the day, or any time of day, who can turn down bread soaked in custard and then baked? This bread pudding loaf takes it a step further: it’s served with creme anglaise, a sweet custard sauce, and the ratio is double custard to bread. Yes, please.

This loaf was baked and then gone in the same day. That’s how good it is. It is perfumed with vanilla bean and a hint of booze. And the texture is wonderful, thanks to the extra custard that’s soaked into the soft brioche. It is creamy and dense all over, except for the top layer of crunch chewy bread. So good. As soon as it sets, it slices perfectly. This loaf is a more decadent version of the classic: Bread Pudding.

Bread Pudding Loaf with Creme Anglaise


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