Granola Bars (Gluten Free)


I am a huge granola bar person. If you ever need store-bought granola bar advice, with bars that have a great ratio of fat, protein, sugar, and fiber, without being full of weird chemicals, I’m the person to ask. And if you’re feeling DIY-ish, try making these!

When I was a college student, my bag was always full of little snacks to get me through classes. After my first month I realized, hey, instead of paying $3+ for granola bars every day, I should make my own. This particular recipe is gluten free, has no refined sugar, and is low in calories and great in flavor. The mini chocolate chips keep them from falling apart, and the egg whites and sticky honey and molasses bind the chewy oats and crunchy rice cereal together. After cutting them into the bars, I wrap them in paper or put them in individual sandwich bags and leave them in the refrigerator. They’re just as easy and half (maybe more?) as cheap, to grab on-the-go as their more expensive store-bought relatives.

Granola Bars Gluten Free snippet

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