Coconut Custard Cake (Gluten Free)

This cake could not be anymore coconut-y if it tried. I even greased the pan with coconut spray. Coconut cream, coconut oil, coconut flour, coconut flakes, coconut nectar, and coconut milk. What do you get? A very coconut-y, gluten free, health-ish breakfast cake. I love the hearty texture and the bits of coconut that are strung throughout.

Aside from rounding up all of your coconut ingredients, it’s totally simple to make. You just combine all the ingredients in a big bowl and let them bake. I am a die-hard sweet tooth, so I had to add a generous handful of chocolate chips, as well as a vanilla glaze to really let this bake get away with “cake” in it’s title.

Coconut Custard snippet

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