Tania’s Chicken Enchiladas


My best friend, Tania, happens to make the best and easiest chicken enchiladas. Of course, best is debatable since we all have our preferences (for example are you a green enchilada sauce person or a red enchilada sauce person)? This recipe is my absolute favorite.

Tania and I went to separate colleges, she was at UC Davis and I was at UC San Diego, so we Skyped constantly to make up for the distance between us. We often cooked dinner together virtually after our classes. She’d make these enchiladas and other amazing meals and I’d make “breakfast for dinner” style meals, like this, Broccoli Frittata, since I really didn’t know how to cook.

This recipe is perfect for the person who thinks they can’t cook. It’s super easy, all you’re doing is simple assembly, and the results are SO GOOD. The enchiladas are packed with flavor from the chicken, green enchiladas sauce, and pinch of cumin in each rolled tortilla. And then melty cheese, black olives, and fresh avocado…it’s incredible. Whether you’re cooking for a crowd, craving an easy but good weeknight dinner, or if you’re longing to try a Mexican style dish, this is a great place to start. Check out other Savory recipes. Enjoy!

Tania's Chicken Enchilada's snippet


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