Strawberry Swirl Bread


The minute I saw a picture of this on Zoë François’ Instagram story, I had to make it.

I happened to be on the phone with my brother as I was rolling out the dough and spreading on the preserves. I didn’t realize that I grabbed the strawberry instead of raspberry jam while I was multi-tasking. Fortunately, it was a delicious error. And proof that you can make this with whatever spread you have: strawberry, apricot, raspberry, orange marmalade, Nutella, cinnamon/sugar, etc.

It’s really not complicated even though it looks technical. It’s just a matter of rolling the dough into a log, making a long slice down the center, and then folding it into a spiral. The cut side of the dough faces upward which is why it’s so beautiful!

I highly recommend eating this fresh from the oven for brunch one morning with a smear of butter or fresh preserves. It’s hard to beat. For other braided bread recipes check out Braided Pesto Bread and Cardamom Bread Wreath. And if you like strawberry, take a look at Strawberry Jam Cream Cheese Cake and Strawberry Buttermilk Cake.

Strawberry Swirl Bread snippet 1Strawberry Swirl Bread snippet 2


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