First Month in Austin


So it’s been almost a month since we left our home in California and hit the road for Austin, Texas!

My older brothers have always lived in Texas and a large part of my childhood was spent visiting them. I remember after one long weekend trip, in the second grade, I came back proudly saying “y’all” as I told everyone about my brothers’ city, Austin.

I always wondered if I’d end up here one day and low and behold, here I am!

It’s been a really exciting first month. The fun of exploring a new place and culture sprinkled with the typical stress to be had with transition and change. Some things to adjust to: the heat, our move-in delay while construction makes final changes to our apartment, and learning all the new roads and traffic patterns. And then some very welcome aspects: the pretty oak trees that create shade and dappled light everywhere, the friendly locals that are relaxed and conversational, and the food scene.

Did y’all (embrace it!) know that the first Whole Foods in America was opened in Austin? So while you can find the best barbecue, Tex-Mex, and classic southern food here, you can also find amazing vegetarian, vegan, and general healthy food as well. There are dozens of health markets and grocery stores around town.

And the restaurants are awesome! Typical of any city, there’s a range from food trucks to high-end places. My favorites so far have been the restaurants that are working out of what was once a house. So the neighborhood restaurants could almost be mistaken for your actual neighbor’s house. Austin does a great job too in offering outdoor seating. The days are super hot but are kept comfortable with giant fans, shaded trees, and automatic misting machines. The evenings are perfect though. Warm, summery, and always twinkle-y with cafe lights. When I was a kid, it always felt like a true vacation to be in a climate with warm nights.

I finished my (remote) job this week and start my new one on Monday, which I’m really excited about! My apartment move-in date is still TBD which has been the hardest part because it’s been almost a month now that I’ve lived without an oven. I know, dramatic. :-p

Thanks for hanging tight and following along on Instagram. @abeebakes

I will be back here and there with updates and the occasional recipe developed out of my loaner kitchen — my Dad’s — until I’m all set up.

I hope all of you have been well. What’re you baking lately? 🙂

Some of the restaurants I’ve tried while here (and recommend) are:

Mattie’s Austin



Josephine House






Hop Doddy



Red Ash







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