Broccolini in Puff Pastry

Broccolini in Puff Pastry

I’m sure you’ve all come across the ever-popular asparagus brie puff-pastry wraps that circle the internet around springtime. They’re absolutely delicious. Perhaps next spring I’ll give it a go, unless I make this again Asparagus Goat Cheese Tart. *insert drool emoji*

I created these broccolini cheddar puff-pastry wraps to enjoy when the asparagus is not in season. Admittedly, brie doesn’t sound great with broccoli. So it sadly didn’t make the cut here. Cheddar however is basically broccoli’s best friend. And Gruyère too! If you have anyone in your life, young or old, that just doesn’t like broccoli, then this is their perfect gateway to the cruciferous vegetable. They will have no choice but to come around!

Broccolini is fancier than broccoli because of their gorgeous long stems. And this recipe requires the stalk as a vehicle for the puff pastry to wrap around. What an honorable purpose.  The broccolini roasts until just beginning to crisp on the tips. The puff pastry turns a beautiful golden brown and puffs elegantly. And the cheese, well it does what it does best, melts into perfection.

Perhaps you should go make a practice run now. Ya know, before you make this for your guests this weekend. 🙂 Think appetizer, brunch, or lunch/dinner with a nice salad.

Broccolini in Puff Pastry snippet


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