Creamy Acorn Squash


This is my favorite recipe to make with Acorn squash. And I’ve made a ton of variations because I just adore any Autumn squash. My Maple Pecan Acorn Squash for example. Today’s recipe is simple: it’s a slow-baked acorn squash that’s crevice gets filled with a creamy sauce of garlic, herbs, and parmesan.

I know I’m a bit late…or perhaps a bit early…since we are in July but I got a delicious acorn squash a few weeks ago in my Imperfect Produce box. I’ll remind you of this recipe again via Instagram once Fall hits, but until then, this is definitely a recipe you can look forward to.

It’s perfect as a vegetarian meal, side dish, or appetizer. And it’s very festive for your Fall tables.

Creamy Acorn Squash snippet

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