White Cheddar Cheese Crackers


Two things:

  1. You HAVE to make these.
  2. They’re annoying to make.

But thing #1 cancels out thing #2. As I was rolling out the dough, I kept mumbling to Jesse (my k9 sous-chef) how there was no way, no matter how good these are, that I’d make them again.

Then I took a first bite and said, “Damn.” Of course I’ll be making these again. And next time I’ll be baking them with yellow cheddar cheese. And then after that I’ll be experimenting with every sharp hard cheese that I can. They are out of this world delicious. And just like their gold-fish and cheese-it store bought friends, they’re more addictive than you can even imagine.

I’m really always a sweet tooth. Throw something salty at me and I’ll eat it but I don’t understand the “can’t stop at one” chip thing. “Can’t stop at one” cookie, I get completely.  However, I now understand the “can’t stop at one” cheese cracker. I should have known this would be the case, as I can’t be trusted around goldfish. Can anyone?!

Going back to the “annoying” part of making these. It’s really manageable and easy, it’s just tedious because there are so many crackers! This recipe makes over 100! So yep, that means you cut 100+ little squares. So that’s the part where I was mumbling to Jesse that there was no way I could do this again, even though it took like 10 minutes. Fortunately, the actual dough is super straightforward. You blend all the ingredients in a food processor. Divide the dough in two. Chill it. Roll it out into two big squares and then cut into a million (ok, fine 100+) little squares. Poke each square with a toothpick so they don’t just puff up into uneven pillows, sprinkle with salt, and bake. Fortunately they are so small that they don’t take any time to bake.

And the benefit of all your cutting is that you’ll impress everyone with these. They use simple wholesome ingredients (even if perhaps fatty, hi, butter & cheese.). They’re preservative free. They don’t have hidden oils or artificial flavors. Your kids will love them. You’ll love them. Everyone will love them. It’s a fact. 😉

White Cheddar Cheese Crackers snippet update




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