Apple Squares

I know it’s May, but it would be a waste to only dedicate this recipe to Autumn. These bars should be enjoyed all year. And if you’re a stickler for seasonal baking, well then, it would be very wise to make these when the next spring rain hits or even when the temperature drops the slightest bit. They’re worth eating out of season!

These bars are rich with butter, subtle with cinnamon, and perfectly sweet. The best part is the chew. They’re similar to brownies with the chewy edges and softer centers. The cut cleanly, making them great to transport and eat on the go. The apple is not at all over-powering so if you’re not that into fruity desserts, these are perfect for you. It’s a hint of apple that really blends well with the other flavors.

And finally, they’re the greatest last minute dessert I can think of. A wooden spoon is all you need to blend the ingredients together. No creaming of butter. No electric mixers. You don’t even need a whisk! It’s just really straight forward and quick to put together. And it only bakes for 25 minutes so you could have the smell of Autumn wafting through your kitchen in less than an hour, easy. Happy (perfect-for-a-Monday-after-work) Baking!

P.s. This recipe would be great doubled in a 9×13 inch pan if you’re hoping for more than 9 squares. Also, any variety of apple is welcome.

Apple Squares snippet


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