Easter Custard Bread


While Brioche Bread with Custard Filling is a more descriptive name for this recipe, I had to reintroduce it in honor of our themed ABeeBakes Easter week.

My family cycles through different bread recipes each Easter. One year we’ll make Orange Brioche (that I typically make at Christmas) and we’ll shape it into a dove. When we want something quick, we’ll make Gayle’s One Hour Dinner Rolls or Braided Glazed Easter Bread. As long as we have some sweet yeasted bread on the table, my family is happy.

This particular recipe is delicious. It actually came from an old high-school boyfriend’s Aunt. I remember insisting he call her one year and we stood in my kitchen, writing out the directions while she was on speaker phone. I’d had it one year when I’d attended their family’s Easter brunch and I couldn’t forget it. It’s SO good!

It’s a sweet yeast bread that is extra moist with the addition of sour cream–this extra fat delivers extra flavor. The center of the bread is filled with a cream cheese custard filling, that balances perfectly with the yeast-y taste of the actual bread. It’s amazing. So amazing in fact, it makes an appearance more often than just Easter.

Oh, one last thing, with those extra egg whites that you’ll have, consider saving them for something simple like an egg white omelette or else for more baking with recipes like, Pavlova or Mocha Almond Egg-White Cookies (GF) or any number of chocolate mousses on my blog.  Enjoy!

Brioche Bread with Custard Filling snippet 1Brioche Bread with Custard Filling snippet 2

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