Braided Glazed Easter Bread

It’s hard to imagine that Easter is this weekend. How did that happen?

This is a great time of year for baking. Especially breads. All the brioche, sweet breads, and hot cross buns. Also, with passover approaching, challah. Yum!

This week on A Bee Bakes I’m focusing on Easter related recipes. Starting with this delicious braided Easter bread with a simple sweet glaze. I gave this recipe a shot about a month ago, unfortunately during a period of kitchen construction that left the oven unable to achieve more than 250F degrees. As a result, while this recipe had great promise, it did not cook through so it went into the “baking busts” section of ABeeBakes on Instagram.

Until now that is.

The oven is in working order again and this braid puffed up beautifully. It’s a simple sweet loaf, that only requires 5 minutes of kneading, if that. It’s the best possible recipe to show you’ve made some effort without actually making all that much effort. It sort of just makes itself. One rising period, easy braid shape, and again, short kneading time. The simple glaze on top adds just enough sweetness. The original recipe added pastel colored sprinkles on top, but I’ve omitted them. If you have kids, they may be worth the addition.

Do you have memories of growing up eating certain things on Easter? Was bread always a central part of that?


Braided Glazed Easter Bread snippet



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