Vegan Coconut Cake


While vegan in title, and coconut in name, my vegan-skeptical and coconut-loathing husband, somehow managed to eat half this cake…for breakfast. 🙂 It’s coincidentally vegan, not requiring the use of eggs and replacing the milk with coconut cream.

While a perfect cake for coconut lovers because the coconut is there, it’s not a powerful coconut flavor. You may even find yourself wishing for more of a coconut punch. Which can of course be added with some coconut extract if you wish. I think the strength in this cake though is the fact that it isn’t overpowering in coconut. It’s just a subtle hint so anyone, even those weary of coconut, can enjoy it.

It’s simple to make, requiring just a whisk and bowl. No fancy electric mixers, no messy cracking of eggs, no sifting of ingredients. It’s the perfect cake to whip up for an unannounced guest. It’s not too sweet, so you can snack on it for breakfast or between meals with your tea, and it’s sweet enough to satisfy any after dinner dessert cravings. It’s really just a great simple cake. Enjoy!

Vegan Coconut Cake snippet 1Vegan Coconut Cake snippet 2

P.s. I didn’t wait until the cake was cooled to drizzle the glaze on top, hence the wrinkled glaze topping. It will be smooth and a touch more elegant if your patience is better than mine and you wait until it’s fully cooled.

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