Pomegranate Chocolate Truffles

Since I was a kid, I’ve longed for pomegranate season. The little ruby seeds that burst with flavor are so satisfying. The best part though was having my Mom peel them. She’d open the fruit and drop the seeds one by one into a nearby bowl. And I’d appear at her side and eat them one by one. Until she and I had both finished our jobs.

With pomegranate season now here and a basket full of them in the kitchen, I wondered what else I could do aside from eating them fresh or tossing them on salads.

And then came these. Three ingredients. No baking. No chilling. Easy. Fast. Need I say more?

The juicy, tart, and earthy pomegranate seeds compliment the rich dark chocolate nicely. Add an optional pinch of coarse sea salt to bring each flavor out further. You are also welcome to use milk chocolate if you prefer the flavor. They will be equally delicious and elegant. Perfect to bring to a holiday gathering to add a touch of drama.

Pomegranate Chocolate Truffles snippet

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