Polka Dot Bread


Who knew bread could be cute? And now that we know it can be, is this not the cutest bread ever?! I was delighted when I came across it, and relieved to see the dots within, once it it came time to slicing.

The preparation felt reminiscent of yeasted cinnamon rolls such as Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls. A simple dough, patience while resting, rolling, and then rising again. And then finally you get to bake! The two-toned dough was fun make work with and you get the ever-so-slight touch of chocolate when biting into one of the dark dots.

The overall texture and taste of this bread mirrors classic sandwich bread, such as White Bread (No-Knead). It’s neither sweet, nor brioche-y. It’s served best straight out of the oven or toasted later with salted butter. Most of all, it’s fun to look at.

Polka Dot Bread snippet 1Polka Dot Bread snippet 2

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