Ricotta Cake


I made this cake solely for the purpose of using up leftover ricotta. Oh. My. God. Now I have to go out and buy ricotta solely for the purpose of making this cake.

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have been surprised that ricotta would be so good, especially since ricotta pancakes are. If you try this, I swear, you will have so many people ask you about the recipe.

It’s INSANELY moist. It couldn’t be dry if you tried. And it’s not a dense, heavy, greasy, or mushy moist. It’s a perfectly cooked, ultra moist cake. It’s astonishing, really. The top of the cake, has a slightly crisp lid that is sweet and caramelized. The inside is sweet and buttery, and it cuts wonderfully.

It can be eaten alone. Or it can be served with a dusting of powdered sugar. It can be served along fresh fruit or topped with a warm jam. It has become a staple. To this day, I still have friends and family ask me about the “ricotta cake.” This is it.

Ricotta Cake snippet


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