Madeleines. These little French-butter-cake-cookies are so simple and so good. To have an official madeleine, one must buy a madeleine cookie sheet or madeleine molds. I have one that I bought from Williams Sonoma when I was a teenager.  You would be surprised how often I actually use it! They are so simple, just a one-bowl recipe that calls for the most basic ingredients. They are way better than their dry store bought relatives. Plus, they are a total crowd pleaser with their shape and taste.

I love how adaptable they are too. If you like lemon, add lemon zest. Coconut, throw some shredded coconut in. Nutella, like Fabien? Add a dollop to each cookie. Almond, poppy seed, chocolate, the options are endless. Most recently I made these as part of our Valentine’s Day fondue-dipping spread. I was planning on making a small pound cake and cutting pieces to dip into the fondue, but madeleines are cuter. And oh so good.

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 15.39.35


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