Vegan Chocolate Cake

When I was scrolling through Instagram (I’m on there as @abeebakes), I stopped when I saw a picture this chocolate cake covered in smooth chocolate frosting and chopped nuts. When I read more about the recipe I realized it was vegan! I was sold.

I love trying vegan desserts for so many reasons. I find them to be, especially in the muffin and cake varieties, more moist than non-vegan bakes. The environmental sustainability and animal protection reasons also. Not to mention the ease of making vegan desserts. No waiting for butter and eggs to come to room temperature. No creaming butter and sugar. No heavy equipment. Vegan desserts tend to mean all you’ll need is a bowl and whisk. And if those aren’t reason enough, think of your vegan friends or those with dietary restrictions and know that you’ll make them so happy when you whip this up.

This chocolate cake is chocolate on chocolate (heaven). The chocolate in the cake is heightened by coffee (lots of it)! You don’t taste the coffee (if you want coffee try these recipes: Mocha Torte and No-Churn Coffee & Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream). Coffee simply brings out the flavor of chocolate, much like salt bringing out the flavor of anything. And yet, it’s not too rich and it’s certainly not dense. In fact, it’s a little messy to serve because the cake is so soft and light. The frosting is sweet and chocolatey, and the nuts add a nice textural contract to the soft cake and smooth frosting. It’s a winner.

Thank you ibake.yeg for the inspiration for this recipe and many more! 🙂

Vegan Chocolate Cake snippet

*Note on pictures: I baked in two separate baking pans to share with others. You can bake in a 9×13-inch pan, 10-cup Bundt pan, two large cake pants (9-inches), two loaf pans (9×5-inches), or 2-3 dozen cupcakes.

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