Armenian Nutmeg Cake


If you’re a fan of nutmeg, you’ll adore this cake. To me, it tastes like Christmas. Warm nutmeg, nuts, and comfort in every bite. Similar to the comfort you get when eating zucchini bread (which almost always has nutmeg in it) or Fall favorites like Fresh Apple Cake and Maple Nutmeg Custard Tart.

As we’re approaching two months of sheltering in place given the spread of the corona virus, I can’t help but daydream about future travel. Until then though, I’m bringing my travel destinations to my kitchen. From Portuguese Orange Cake, Greek Pizza, Japanese Cheesecake,  Indian Honey Cake and Mexican Brownies to French Walnut Cake, Norwegian Chocolate Chip Cookies, Swedish Almond Meringue Cake to today’s Armenian Nutmeg Cake.

Today’s recipe is very easy to bake, despite it’s two layers. The bottom layer is a thin crust made out of the cake’s batter, prior to the wet ingredients getting added. How clever is that?! I’d never seen that before and just loved the idea. After patting the crust into the baking pan, you add the wet ingredients to the remaining dry, and pour it over the crust. Then sprinkle on some nuts, bake around 30 minutes, and you have a perfect soft cake to drink with a cold glass of milk or a hot cup of coffee or tea. No electric mixer, no expensive plane ticket, and no jetlag. A little taste of Armenia from your kitchen, where ever that may be. 🙂 Enjoy!

Armenian Nutmeg Cake snippet

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