Baked French Fries


There’s nothing like a good french fry. And whether you like crispy fries or soft, this is the recipe for you. Ironically, once I married a Frenchman, French fries suddenly became a significant part of my life. Fabien’s favorite food is a hamburger and no hamburger is complete without french fries. And for him, a side of mayonnaise to dip them in. Naturally, when you have a partner, your lives and eating patterns merge. Unfortunately for us, I upped his sugar intake (oops) and he’s upped my burger and french fry intake (oops again). Fortunately though, we make a lot of these things at home! Like, this beautiful restaurant style french fries.

They’re easy, cheap, and so good! Incomparable in taste too to frozen fries. Plus, you can eat them instantly while they’re hot, just as you would at a restaurant or fast-food joint. And while not entirely guilt-free, they’re a lot less oily and bad than traditional french fries. In fact, they don’t require an oil bath, just 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil since they get baked.

Now that the weather is getting hot, especially here in Texas, grilling and BBQ season is approaching. So maybe consider losing the bag of chips and instead, touching on your shelter-in-place-shopping-stash of potatoes. Burgers, sandwiches, BBQ, steak, fried chicken, kebob, eggs, they’re good with everything. I personally enjoy the with a little homemade aioli. Message me if you’d like that recipe as well or any other Savory recipes. Enjoy!

Baked French Fries snippet



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