Apple Banana Cake


While it may be called a cake, it gets baked in a tart pan and technically since it’s not very sweet it could get away with being a bread but the taste is 100% a muffin. Apple Banana Bread-Cake-Tart-Muffin just didn’t really sound like the right title though. 🙂 I ultimately went with cake but it’s a pretty wholesome cake if you ask me. There’s no frosting or icing, just the slightest dusting of powdered sugar. And it does have apples, bananas and ground ginger and cinnamon. I mostly eat it with coffee (or tea) so maybe it’s actually a coffee cake. :-p

Aside from the name game, it’s really delicious. Banana bread with chunks of apple, perfect if you’re sheltering in place and feel guilty about not getting to the the spotted bananas and the soft apples in your fruit basket sooner. They can certainly be repurposed here. And if you don’t have a tart pan, worry not. You can bake this in a loaf pan or cake/pie baking dish. Just adjust your baking time accordingly.

Whether you want to impress those you’re sheltering in place with, or if you want to keep this in your back pocket as a great quick recipe to whip up next time you have unexpected visitors, this is the perfect recipe. Enjoy!

Apple Banana Cake snippet

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