Cardamom Cognac Apple Cake

Impressive looking and impressive tasting, but most importantly, so easy to make that you don’t even need an electric mixer!!! You’re welcome.

This cake delivers a sophisticated flavor with hints of cardamom and cognac. It’s certainly an apple cake, as they shine the most here, but it goes beyond a classic apple cake. It’s doesn’t have the predictable cinnamon or nutmeg added. And it doesn’t scream Fall to me. Maybe because of that. And believe me, with the amount of apple bread/cake/muffin/tart anything recipes, I clearly like apple with cinnamon/nutmeg. Also, I suppose you could swap out the apple for pear here too if you prefer. Fabien said it could be in his top five favorite dessert recipes IF I had used pear instead of apple. Well, isn’t he a peach. Lol. But seriously, both would be great here.

It is the perfect amount of sweet, ever so delicate, really reminding me of the desserts in Europe. And the texture is soft and light. I dusted mine with powdered sugar to finish but you could certainly make it more extravagant accompanied with ice cream or cream. From the pictures above, you can see I added edible rose petals at the end for an extra feminine touch, but they of course can be left out and it still looks beautiful.

Cardamom Cognac Apple Cake snippet


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