Apple Ginger Crumble


I mean, come on. This is too good. The real star of this crumble is just that, the crumble. Apple desserts are typically packed with the fruit, showing off the bounty of the season. And I love that and I love them.


There comes a time, when one, cough, me, finds themselves picking off the topping of a crumble and leaving the extra sad limp apples aside.  A time when one, cough, me again, really makes the crumble, cobbler, or crisp in anticipation of getting to enjoy the buttery top layer. This crumble is for that time. This recipe really lets the crumb shine. The topping ratio is very generous. And perfect for the glutton. If you think you might miss your beloved apples, as one sometimes does, then simply add another to this recipe. It will be delicious. But if you, like me, pick off the buttery topping clumps, leave the recipe be.

The beauty of this particular crumb is that it’s packed with flavor. It’s buttery and crumbly, like any good crumb should be. But what makes it so unique, and where the Smitten Kitchen proves her amazingness yet again, is the bite from the ginger. Double ginger, in fact. Ground ginger and little bits of candied ginger. I bought a little bag of crystalized candied ginger for this very recipe. And I am so glad I did. In fact, now that I’m thinking of it…I do have a bit left…bye!

Apple Ginger Crumble snippet


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