Easter m&m cookies


Can you honestly look back at your m&m cookie consumption and think of a time when they were soft? Or let alone, appealing? I’ve only ever eaten a few, mostly in my younger years when artificial colors in food actually tempted my palate.  Although, even back then, with the allure of candy added to my already sweet dessert, m&m cookies fell short. The problem: dry, dense, and crunchy.

This recipe will change all your previous suspicions about m&m cookies. They are incredibly soft, chewy and rich in flavor. When splitting in half, they gently bend rather than snap apart. The best part: you don’t even have to follow my recipe! You can just make any chocolate chip cookie recipe you want, and substitute the chocolate chips for m&m’s. Or replace the m&m’s for chocolate chips! This particular recipe caught my eye because the m&m’s are pastel Spring colors. Perfect for Easter. Save this recipe for all holidays or special themed events; just exchange the pastel m&m’s for colors that satisfy 4th of July, Christmas, Halloween, you get the picture…

 Easter m&m Cookie snippet

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